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We’re calling for digital solutions that enable adults to plan their future careers

Welcome to the CareerTech Challenge Prize

The future of work is changing, providing opportunities for new careers and novel ways of working. We want to help prepare the workforce and provide the right tools and technologies to enable people to envision their futures.

The £5.75 million CareerTech Challenge aims to encourage bold solutions to improve people’s working lives and unlock employment opportunities for the future.

The CareerTech Challenge includes a Prize and a Fund. This site is mainly about the Prize. For more info on the Fund, see below.

What is the CareerTech Challenge Prize?

The £1.2 million CareerTech Challenge Prize is looking for digital solutions that use labour market information to support people to make better informed decisions about their future careers. Solutions should generate actionable insights, be easy to use and proactively reach out to users.

The solutions should benefit employed adults in England who are aged over 24 years, without a qualification at degree level and earning less than £35,000 per year, with a focus on those in roles likely to significantly change or shrink.

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