How our judges will select a winner and runner-up

Judging Criteria

The  judging criteria below will be used throughout the Prize to select the finalists, winner and runner-up.


Solutions should integrate and build on labour market information, in new or innovative ways, to generate actionable insights about people’s future careers. This could be achieved by:

  • Combining or using labour market information in new ways to improve information, advice or guidance for target beneficiaries, including (but not limited to) insights into the future labour market and local labour market information.
  • Solutions that improve the Prize’s target beneficiaries’ career adaptability in comparison to existing solutions.


Insight & Impact

Solutions should combine insights into the future of the labour market with an understanding of the Prize’s target beneficiaries, their needs, and motivations. They should expand target beneficiaries’ career horizons and support their decision making, which may include helping them to discover training pathways. By the end of the Prize, finalists must demonstrate how they have developed and improved their solutions in response to their understanding of the target beneficiaries. This could be achieved by:

  • Solutions that utilise comprehensive and future-focused labour market information to generate robust insights that benefit target beneficiaries 
  • Solutions that can demonstrate that their in-depth understanding of target beneficiaries has improved the information, advice or guidance provided. 
  • Solutions that can demonstrate that their intervention gives target beneficiaries agency by expanding their career horizons and supporting their decision making. 
  • Solutions that generate improved career information, advice or guidance for the target beneficiaries that is tailored to their needs, motivations and requirements.


Accessibility & usability

Solutions should demonstrate that they’re easy and enjoyable to use, taking into account users’ digital literacy and preferences for accessing the solution. . Solutions should be able to service one or more profiles of users, which may include target beneficiaries and/or organisations that work with or support them. By the end of the Prize, finalists should have engaged potential users. This could be achieved by:

  • Solutions users can easily interact with, that quickly generate actionable information, advice or guidance.
  • Solutions that understand and reflect the needs of diverse users, and how they’re able to access and use it.
  • Solutions that integrate techniques to encourage user engagement, such as gamification, nudges and/or an enjoyable user interface.
  • Solutions that proactively encourage target beneficiaries’ engagement, techniques could include connecting them with peers, career professionals or those that could support them.


Market potential

By the end of the Prize, solutions should be able to demonstrate that there is a market of sufficient size to facilitate sustainability, successful commercialisation and the growth potential of their solution. They should be accessible and affordable to their potential users, and demonstrate a broader understanding of their needs. Solutions should proactively communicate with, and reach out to, potential users. This could be achieved by:

  • Solutions with a sound implementation and/or business plan, which address an identifiable need for a target market of sufficient size.
  • Solutions that build on rigorous research or understanding of the market and their potential users. 
  • Solutions that reach out to and help potential users understand the benefits of their solution, encouraging them to engage with it.

If you are not sure about any of the criteria, check out our Innovator Handbook.

Judging Panel

The winner & runner up will be selected by our expert Judging Panel.

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