Meet the 20 teams who have been shortlisted

Meet our 20 finalists!

These are the entries that the panel of independent judges believe most meet the Prize judging criteria and will have the most impact.

Finalists will not only receive a £50,000 grant, but also hands-on support and coaching to build their business and product development skills, as well as networking opportunities with other innovators.

Adzuna CareerPaths

Adzuna CareerPaths is a digital solution that helps job seekers explore new career development opportunities based on their current skill set. The tool identifies potential for upskilling and/or retraining into sectors that will likely flourish over the coming decades. 

By uploading a CV or listing existing skills through an on-page editor, users can understand their transferable skills better and choose a suggested career path based on their profile. The technology and recommendations will be based on a training dataset consisting of over 500K CVs, 1M salary data points and real career paths taken by Britons.

Bob UK

The Bob UK project wants to create an AI-powered platform to provide tailored careers advice. The platform will turn data from relevant sources into actionable insights for job seekers. It links the information provided by the individual with practical advice and concrete resources, making the information actionable and relevant to a person’s situation. 

Bob identifies the main barriers to employment, proposing a phased, progressive strategy, whilst being an unbiased, well-informed job counsellor, available anytime to help people navigate their job search. It allows people to adapt to sector change and automation, and understand the skills that are in demand.

Career Ear

Our project will transform the community focused CareerEar platform into one which is also data driven. 

This means that individuals will be able to explore tailored content, ask questions to industry professionals and access career opportunities from events and training programmes through to entry and mid-level roles. 

Using big data, CareerEar will highlight to individuals if they are in or pursuing at-risk job functions and industries, assess individuals’ skills and enable them to understand the transferability of their skills. This will allow them to combine accurate information with relevant, real world insights to make informed decisions about their futures.

CareerChat (DMH Associates)

CareerChat is a chatbot providing a personalised, guided career journey experience for adults aged 24-65 in ‘at risk’ or low skilled jobs in three major cities: Bristol, Derby and Newcastle. It offers informed, friendly and flexible high-quality, local contextual and national labour market information, including specific course/training opportunities, and job vacancies to support adults within specific sectors and occupations.

CareerChat incorporates advanced AI technologies, database applications and Natural Language Processing and can be accessed on computers, mobile phones and devices. It allows users to reflect, explore, find out and identify pathways and access to new learning and work opportunities.

Digital Pathways (PDMS Ltd)

Our existing skills portal solution – SignedUp Skills – helps economic regions empower citizens with an online one-stop-shop to access employment and training opportunities, careers information advice & guidance (CIAG) and labour market information (LMI).

Digital Pathways will expand on our current offering by shifting from guiding the user to carrying them.  It will take career explorers through career pathways which bridge the disconnect between where people are, what skills they currently have, and what the labour market demands. Using a combination of automation and direct interactions, while monitoring progress, effectiveness and potentially generating new LMI, Digital Pathways will funnel people along pathways into the careers of the future.

Digital Skills Bursts (miFuture)

We will bring more skills learning to more people, more of the time. 49% of men and 48% of women regularly play mobile games, gaming suits our intuitive digital behaviour and requires minimal smartphone literacy to adopt.

Imagine playing short skill development games anywhere at any time and receiving real-time hyper-local training and employment opportunities as a reward.

Many platforms provide skill-based gaming but miFuture’s Skill Bursts will go further and pull beneficiaries into education, training and employment routes and create a pipeline of more talent developing relevant skills and qualifications in the competencies that employers need.

FutureFit AI

FutureFit AI is the AI-powered GPS for your Career in the age of AI and automation. 

Leveraging real-time labour market data and over 300M talent profiles globally, it locates your starting point in terms of skills and strengths, recommends target careers, analyzes your skill gap, maps potential pathways to get there, and guides you along the way. Recognized by the US Government, NextAI, Future of Work Prize, and World Government Summit, FutureFit AI powers efforts to support laid off workers, those in jobs at risk of automation, youth career discovery, and corporate reskilling and outskilling around the world.


Learnisa is an AI-powered platform that makes personalised recommendations of online courses. By intelligently profiling a learner, Learnisa conducts a smart matching process to recommend the most suitable courses to learners. 

With Learnisa, learners can avoid lengthy and ambiguous searches for courses, and invest time and money on learning the RIGHT content. Whether you’re taking an online course to upskill for your career or even a hobby, Learnisa can help you find your ideal course(s).

Support from the Prize will enable us to develop data-driven techniques that optimise both the outcomes and opportunities for career-focused learners. Stay tuned for some exciting work!

My Careers Journey (Grofar)

An accessible career exploration tool that provides tracking and planning of an individual’s careers journey. By producing an interactive financial roadmap, the thought-provoking app drives individuals to ‘play’ with their careers journey, exploring different career paths, aims and ambitions.

Individuals can plan a careers journey using Labour Market Information data, that includes training, career path changes and ambitions such as property, pensions, loans etc., to explore different scenarios, predict future earnings and visualise the impact on their cumulative wealth.

A complete digital profile of skills, training, experience, and career aspirations is provided and can be updated throughout an individual’s careers journey.


The Heart of the South West LEP Digital Skills Partnership and Skilllab B.V. are developing a solution to bring Skilllab’s mobile app to assist mature workers in Devon whose roles may be at risk through automation. 

Through the app, which links to supplementary learning, we hope to re-set and re-frame mature workers to access the increasingly digitised world of work; a situation that has increasing relevance in the context of the Covid-19.

Skills Cluster Job Match (Emsi)

Emsi is creating a set of ‘skills clusters’ defining different common job roles in skill terms bottom-up from job postings activity. The clusters will help individuals to identify their own skills, to see what career pathways those skills open up, and to identify the skills gap to achieve their career ambitions. 

Our solution is particularly aimed at people in the workforce. For many such people their job history is how they understand what they have to offer. By using labour market data to help translate their individual job history into a common language of skills, drawing on Emsi’s Open Skills Library, we can bring Labour Market Information to yield precise, personalised insights.


If you’re struggling to find a job, SkillsTree works out the best skills for you to learn, and how to learn them, to maximise your employment prospects. SkillsTree builds a personalised learning path based on your location, the skills you currently have, the time you have available to learn, and the sort of job you are after. Our Skills Recommendations are based on the latest data from jobs across the UK, and personalised to you. 


Sort/Switch, will provide an end-to-end service, using an innovative user-controlled algorithm to support and enable those who want to, or need to, make a career change, but don’t know where to start. 

Sort/Switch will, simply and intuitively, help users to understand the skills they already have, discover potential career paths that might be compatible with them now or with further training, understand which options are available in growth industries in their area, access advice, support, and training to help them get there, and finally, apply for opportunities relevant to them.

Sparq (Avora & Human Theory)

Sparq is a digital platform that creates data-driven career pathways for the people most vulnerable to labour market change. 

Sparq is a digital advice and guidance (IAG) platform accessible by two end users: information, advice and guidance providers; and beneficiaries. Using machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Sparq helps nudge people into new career pathways, break down barriers to accessing economic opportunities, and disrupt the job-seeking journey.

Stay Nimble

Stay Nimble is a tech social enterprise with the vision that everyone is empowered to find their purpose in the new world of work, equipped to escape in-work poverty and prepared for the 4th industrial revolution.

To achieve this, we deliver career and performance coaching via a digital platform using real-time labour market data, co-created with people in the CareerTech Prize target demographic.

Over 1,700 people across the UK are building confidence, envisioning future career options and being equipped with tools to get there. Our Prize project will develop new features to facilitate digital relationships between members and career advisers.

Wordnerds Jobs

Wordnerds will use cutting-edge text analysis to help bridge the chasm of miscommunication between employers and their potential employees. Standard Labour Market Information (LMI) fails to capture the nuance of soft skill requirements, and yet this is the information that those with few qualifications need the most.   

We are building a software platform that helps brands uncover and understand the true voice of their customers. By combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) with old-school linguistics, our disruptive tech is a new way to train computers to read – and genuinely understand – language, and not just count the words. 

Wordnerds combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Advanced Corpus Linguistics to provide automated understanding of unstructured text data.


Our mission at Workerbird is to help everyone find a happier working life. People use our platform to understand their working patterns, relationship to work and be empowered with their own data. Under the CareerTech Challenge Prize we will develop features to support workers open to learning about other career options. We will provide workers with relevant information that is local to them about the labour market, training and upskilling so they can make informed decisions about their futures. Our solution ensures workers understand and can improve their working lives.

Would You Rather Be

Our mission is to help people discover, get into and flourish in their dream career.

Our philosophy is to start with people’s passions.  We’ve built a proprietary, easy and fun series of questions, powered by a sophisticated algorithm, that helps people discover the careers they would find most satisfying.

Under the CareerTech Challenge Prize, we’ll be improving the career discovery engine with AI, using labour market information to build personalised pathways to help people into their preferred career and exploring other support people need to land their dream job.


Yuno is a mobile app connecting a hugely underserved section of the UK workforce with upskilling opportunities. Workers create anonymous profiles by playing a simple card sorting game that tests for personality, interests, and values. This enables Yuno to provide highly personalized and locally relevant career recommendations as well as to connect workers with employers willing to train them. The underlying machine learning models are trained on workers who already possess the respective skills. Yuno augments its career recommendations with labour market information retrieved from the web, the Office of National Statistics, as well as the Department for Education.


Learnify’s description will be updated shortly, so watch this space.